Grow your wealth faster with smart tax loss harvesting

Grow your wealth faster with smart tax loss harvesting

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Login & Credit Card Not Needed

Smart tax planning can meaningfully boost after-tax investment returns

Should you harvest losses?

Reduce Tax Burden

Realize losses to offset up to $3,000 of regular income & an unlimited amount of capital gains in current year

Maintain Asset Allocation

Maintain upside if price recovers by buying securities closely correlated with sold security

Compound Faster

Reducing tax payments in earlier years can result in higher after tax returns over time 

How much could you save this year?

See how you could save $5,369 on a $10,000 realized gain

Let's take Alex. Alex lives in Los Angeles and has ordinary income of $175,000. Alex has also realized another $10,000 in short term capital gains. He also has a few stock positions with unrealized losses.

The chart shows Alex's tax burden associated with his capital gains. If he does not realize any losses, he would need to pay $4,130 in taxes on his gains this year. 

Alex could reduce this burden to $0 by realizing a $10,000 short term capital loss (and reallocating the funds into similar assets). 

Or, perhaps he could go even further, and realize $13,000 in losses. He would then not only offset his realized capital gains, but also offset an additional $3,000 in ordinary income (the maximum offset allowed). This would reduce Alex's current year's tax burden by $5,369.

Why use Harvest?

Save time & optimize your tax harvesting

  • FREE for everyone: we may introduce premium plans with additional functionality later
  • Get replacement suggestions: We suggest correlated securities to replace the sold security, allowing you to maintain similar exposure and saving time on research - for stocks, ETFs & crypto
  • ​Do not miss opportunities to save: We monitor your portfolio for tax loss harvesting opportunities on ongoing basis and alert you, so you can benefit from volatility
  • No personal data: We do not ask you to connect your accounts - just provide ticker & date of purchase

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Don't take our word for it

Find links to helpful whitepapers about tax loss harvesting below

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What is the catch?

We believe in transparency. There may be situations where tax loss harvesting may not make sense such as:

- You do not have any losses in your portfolio (yay!)

- You are investing out of a non-taxable account such as a 401(k)

- You expect to be in a significantly higher tax bracket when you will need to realize your gains in the future

- You love the security that currently has an unrealized loss & do not want to replace it with a similar security even for a period of 31 days

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